Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I know it has been a while

Since I posted anything, but it has been crazy around here.

I will start a few weeks back, to at least catch you up a little.

About 3 weeks ago, I was asked to go to Boston (by Prentice Hall - a publishing company) to help them with their Biology book). I went with a friend and fellow teacher for a3 days and two nights and stayed at the Jury's Hotel (what a fantastic place that is). We arrived on Thursday, after a 5 hour flight and we were both ready to go. We had dinner with our host (and the two other Bio teacher - from Ohio, Kim and Jennifer) that night and then had a chance to walk around a bit. Unfortunately, most things were closed. Although Bostonians said they were having a heat wave (I do not consider high 50's & low 60's to be HEAT) we were dressed to stay warm. On Friday morning we headed off to PH for a meeting with the editors, graphic designers, etc... that work on the Biology books. We had a great meeting and were able to give opinions from the eyes of teachers and students who are using them in the trenches. I am sure they didn't like all of what we said, but we sure did have a great meeting. In fact it spilled over into lunch (about 5 of the 15 people at the meeting chose to go with us). By the end, we were asked to be consulting/contributing teachers for PH - what an honor). After the meeting, we dicided to go to Salem. We took a taxi to the north station and then the train out to Salem. While we were there it started raining pretty hard (good thing these California girls took down parkas). We had fun none the less - we visited the Witch's Museum and then walked around to find the burial site of the "witches" - It is amazing how much I remember about the layout of the city from 5 years ago. By the time we were finished, the shops were pretty much closed and we needed to get to the train station. Once back in Boston we decided to eat at Smith and Wallensky's - what a great steak house. On Saturday we spent the morning on the Freedom Trail - 5.5 hours later we caught a taxi from the U.S.S. Constitution back to the hotel. It was time to get to the airport and a 6.5 hour flight back to our families.

I thought I could have a nice peaceful day to rest up fromthe trip, but boy was I wrong. Tim went into work (since he took 3 day s off while I was gone). On his way home (about 2pm) I received a call from him telling me that his car was on fire. I expected a small fire - but hte kids and I were on our way. Meanwhile, I get a cll from the stables - something is wrong with my horse - I need to get down there right away - well, as I previously stated I am on my way to get my husband - need less to say the car was totally gone (tires melted and painted turned to ash gone). We decided to head straight down to Longo Toyota and get a car (There is no way that we can survive on 1 car). After we were done (8:30pm) we could finally head home - The girls wanted to ride in the new car of course. Tim didn't even get off the lot before - you guessed it - KIANA THREW UP IN THE TRUCK. Too bad you already signed the contract Tim.

This continued throughout the night - my bed was striped 3 times - Kiana kept climbing in to my bed when I was asleep - I woke up abut 3 times, to her throwing up - what a joy. I went back to work on Monday (as tired as I could have possibly been - totally not rested). On Monday, after work I went to see my horse, and I figured out that he had only had some rocks in his hooves. Thankfully. Of course - a week later - he did have thrush in one of his other feet. What a pain to have to deal with. Cleaning out and applying medicine every day.

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