Sunday, April 29, 2007

A New Addition To The Family......

No I was not, nor am I now pregnant. The girls finally talked us into getting another puppy. Her name is Skye.

She is about 5-6 weeks old and is a mix (probably small shepard, maybe lab). She is almost completely black, except for a little bit of white sprinkles on her chest.

Tim finally told the girls that they could get a new puppy and we had to go down today to find one. We went to the South East Area pound to look and didn't find one. We left (with a few dissappointed girls) and went to the Southgate area pound and there, after walking around for 30 mins, we saw Skye and her sister & brother. Ahnika knew which one we were going to get and asked the kennel tech to tell us the number for the "puppy in the middle". They were all so cute, I don't know why she pick her (unless she looked the saddest).

We took the number up to the front office and they said that she would cost $77 and that we could take her home today. The girls were so happy.

On the way home (with a stinky puppy) we stopped and bought a few supplies - food, a dog toy, a little kennel (for inside), a big kennel (for outside), and a new water dish.

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karen said...

She's adorable!! The kids want me to call you RIGHT NOW and ask when we can come over. :-)