Saturday, July 29, 2006

We're definitely keeping busy

doing all kinds of things while I am off for the summer. Tim & Kevin are off at some AYSO Referree training for the weekend so the girls and I are being creative when it comes to thinking up things to do. Last night we slept in the play house, which is insulated, but in this 100+ weather we are having all the insulation does is trap the heat inside. Even with the windows of the play house open the girls were begging to come in the house at about 11pm. I was bound and determined to keep them outside, since they practically bugged me all day to sleep there. THis morning we were up and busy again. First thing inthe morning we decided to decorate some masks. The girls did a great job painting them. Regan's mask was a butterfly, as was mine, Kiana did a princess mask, and Ahni had a cat (I did a cat too). Once they were done, we put ribbon of the sticks and sat them out in all of that heat to dry.

After doing the masks the girls played with their friends, Mitchell, Cole, Lauren, & Megan for a while while scrapped a little. It was so nice to get some stuff done.

The items I am working on right now are for a "Grand Re-Opening sale" at my local LSS (local scrap store) - They just moved to a bigger location and are reopening. I started teaching classes there at the beginning of the May and was asked to do some "Make-n-takes" for the sale. I have to admit that I really like doing it. The girls also decided to donate some books to the play room that they now have. We went in yesterday and the girls had nothing to do in the room while I was talking to the owner. They said that at least they will have some things to do if they donate their stuff to the store. I have to admit, I love the fact that the girls are willing to give their stuff away so that other kids can have things to play with or to wear.

I hope that all of you are having a great week so far. Thanks for checking in.

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