Thursday, August 03, 2006

Well it is that time of year!

The soccer season is getting started. Things have changed a bit from last year though.

The first change is that Kiana is finally old enough to actually play, and not just sit on the side lines and cry because she can't play or sneak on the field during the middle of the game. She has been dying to play and she is so excited that she has a team and a coach all of her own.

The second change is that because of Kiana playing, we are now going to have to try to juggle three games on Saturdays and three sets of practices during hte week. All three girls are in different divisions. We are coaching two teams, Ahnika & Kiana's teams. We will also help the other team, but not as a coach. Tim and Kevin will undoubtably ref enough games to get htem to the tournament.

The thrid change is that this year, I am on the Board as the U6 Commissioner. All this means is that I organize all of the U6 teams, fix problems that they have and make sure that it runs smoothly. I am having a blast and all the kinks are getting worked out.

In addition to soccer season starting the girls have also spending this week at the Seahorses camp. This one, the full day camp, is the girls favorite because they eat at the Biola cafe, and then get to swim in the pool at free swim. They play soccer in between. Like I said the girls love it. They have also fallen in love with the coaches and the Seahorse Team. The players of this PDL team are awesome. One of the things that I love about the team is their commitment to God. They teach parables and verses to the kids. They pray with the girls and just set good examples all around. THe girls love them. Ahnika has taking a particular interest into "Coach Beefcutter" who is the goalie (since she sees herself as one as well).

She even has a Seahorse jersey with his number on it. It is very cute. Regan on the other hand has taken to "Coach Redneck". His number is on Regan's jersey.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.

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