Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ahnika took bronze

I have to ask - Where did February go? It seems to have flown by.

Last weekend, on the 18th, Ahnika competed in her 2nd Red Scorpion Tae Kwon Do Tourney. We spent the day at US Irvine's "Bren Event Center", where the event was held. Ahnika did a great job out there on the mat. She was more than agressive and she actually forced on of her opponents (a little boy) off the mat about 5 times. In all Montessori took about 25 kids to compete and there was about 400 competing in all.

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Suzanne Webb said...

It's official, everyone has a cool blog page but me....I'm in desperate need of lessons HELP!!!
Congrats to Ahnika!!!!