Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ahnika turns 7...

When the girls were born, everyone with kids told me that the time would go by quickly, but I have to admit - I am amazed by just how fast it seems to have gone. I can't believe that Ahni turned 7 on Feb.9th. Where did all the time go. NO only that but Kiwi will be 5 in May and Regan (who was a baby yesterday) is going to hit the double digits this year and turn 10. OUCH - does that make me feel old.

We spent Ahnika's birthday together as a family. She chose to go to dinner at Elephant Bar. She had a great time. The waiter was great and really made her feel special. She opened presents from us, Grandma, auntie Linda, and aunt Kathy (Jessie & Colie too). On Saturday, we planned a special morning of just us. We went to Downtown Disney and had the girls get makeovers at Libby Lu's. Regan got a "rock star" look - complete with microphone, Kiana got the "Tween Idol" look with an tiara added in just because, and Ahnika got the "Pop Star" - the pink hair and curls looked adorable on her. It did help of course that she was wearing pink anyway. In addition to getting their hair done, they also got their nails polished, and make-up done. They had a great time (they normally don't like their hair done). After they were done, they got a backpack and were able to pick five items from the store to put into it. They also had the chance to make their own lip gloss or get pixie dust.

As if that wasn't enough, after we were done, we dropped Ahni off at Grandma's house for a birthday sleepover. Each girl (for her birthday) gets to have a special sleepover - just for her.



Ursula Page said...

the girls look soooooo cute!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

I love the new look! Oh, and the girls' new looks, too. What dolls!