Saturday, September 23, 2006

Second week of Soccer and ....

We did great.

Kiana and the Purple Pumas won their game against the Blue team (can't recall their name right now - sorry). The girls scored 4 goals and the other team was only able to score 1. What a day and what a great way to start the season.

Ahnikas team, the Purple Fairies, also won their game against teh Shooting Stars. I was amazing to watch them today. They were on FIRE. The stars were not even able to score a goal against them. YAHOOOOOOOOO FAIRIES. Tim was his usual loud self and the girls are sure getting loud as well. Even the parent got involved in the chanting today.

Regan's team, the Purple Panthers, didn't win, but they played great and were up against a great team. They play the Turtles (coached by Don Jacks) and Regan had a great game. Today Regan was goalie and no goals were let through while she was there. That is always a very nice thing. YEAH REGAN!!!!

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