Saturday, September 02, 2006

The last weekend of the summer

and what are we doing?

I have spent the last week at work trying to get my room reade, what a mess. Talk about throwing stuff out (I do it in Fall, because I figure that if I didn't use it last year - I don't need to keep it for this year). We got all new books for science so I will need to spend some time with the Chem book - just familiarizing myself with it (exciting huh?). I was actually on a study last year for theBio book, so thankfully I am already familiar with that one and love it.

Hayley (my niece) is turning four and we are on our way to a party at the park. It is always nice getting together with the family (even if that does mean 40-50 people). I guess it comes with the territory when you have a large family.

We also got a call from Zach (mentioned in an earlier post). He has signed a contract to play professional Volleyball in Austria. We are very happy for him, but the girls say that they miss him (They love him and probably drove him nuts during their 8 weeks of swimming lessons). Here are a couple of pics of him and Kiana.

On Monday we will be staying home and having a little BBQ of our own. We are not big on going out of town on major holiday weekends (too crowded - no matter where you go).

Whatever you are doing, I hope that it is fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great weekend Shellie. Looks like Kiana is having fun with her teacher. He is nice looking too.