Sunday, September 17, 2006

Well, I made it...

...Through the 1st full week of students...

Needless to say it was a tiring week, but a productive one as well. I really think that this is going to be a great year. I have some really good kids and they are adjusting well to my expectations (at least for the time being). After having the summer off (debatable - I did have all three girls and their activities all summer to keep me more than busy) it was sure hard to adjust back to the early schedule of the school year. The girls have had a hard time of it as well. During the summer I let them sleep in and now they are all getting up early (6am) and we are out of the house before 7am. They are also getting back on their regular schedule in regard to homework. Regan, at her new school, is getting homework everyday of ht eweek and is doing well. We are very proud of her. Ahnika just got her very first homework packet (she gets hers ont he weekends and does it all by Monday - makes for an easier week).

As if the work week wasn't enough, Thursday night was Back 2 School night for Regan. I had already met the 2 teachers that Regan will be working with, but I don't think they realized how into Regan's education we really are. They thought that she should move down to a different math level because they said they were concerned that she couldn't keep up (This after 2 days) - They don't know Regan very well (or us!!!). Needless to say - Regan has already covered almost all of the material in the math book and is in the highest level math class for the 4th grade (Regan could finish the entire book). There were 38 students in that math class and only 34 in the lower one, both of the students that were going to be moved down were new transfers, turns out that the math teacher expressed how well Regan was doing in the math class to me at B2S night (and two other kids have been moved down to the lower class (It totally pisses me off that it is a #s thing). I know that Regan will do well, and we are keeping an eye on what will be happening with the GATE program at the school.

Additionally, I scheduled a scrappin' class for Friday night (I secretly wanted to cancel it). I was so tired, but the "Fun BBQ Style" LO class was a hit. Four techniques were used (painting, tearing paper, hidden journaling, and Walnut inking). I was done by 7pm and on my way home. Because I was so late, we decided to get food out, take it home, and eat in front of the T.V. (this rarely happens, so the girls were in heaven).

...And through the first day of the soccer season.
we were at the fields at 8:30am for a 9am game (Kiana's) against the USC girls - guess what color they were. The Purple Pumas did a great job and it was great to watch them. After that game, we made sure the fields were clean and then went to drop Tim off at Los Coyotes so that he could ref a game. Meanwhile, we went to get some food and drinks and made sure that noone was starving. Then we went back to Behringer to eat and warm up for Ahnika's 12:15pm game against the "Soccer Princesses" - which is Luis Pineda's team (We coached with Luis our first year in in the league). The Purple Fairies did an awesome job. Ahnika loves being the goalie and did a heck of a job. Midway through that game, I had to walk Regan over to the next field to start warming up for her 1pm game against the "Shamrocks". Like the other two teams, the Purple Panthers did a hell of a job (they all had purple hair too). Regan was both a center and a defender and had some awesome kicks. I think that this was the best game she has ever had.

And if I am not busy enough, after a long day on the soccer fields, Regan & I had a date with the Girl Scouts at 5:45pm. Because she sold over 500boxes of cookies last year, she was invited to a pirate party (I got some awesome pix). On the agenda at the party was making a Booty bag, walking the plank, pirate bingo, making a treasure chest, sinking a ship, and taking pix with a pirate (with a great pirate ship backdrop). We had a great time and after a dinner of fried chicken, octopus tentacles (hotdog slices), bread, and the sea (jello with gummi fish), we were able to listen to the Pirate Band sing some old familiar pirate songs for us. All in all it was a fun time.

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