Sunday, September 24, 2006

So much has been happening around here that I ...

...seem to have over looked my scrapping a bit, but believe me IT IS STILL GOING STRONG I have 6 scrapping classes set up in the next 2 months. An Island LO, a Halloween card class, a Halloween LO, a Boo Bucket class, a thanksgiving LO, x-mas gift cans, a x-mas album, and x-mas cards class. I am definantly staying busy here.

I am alspo working on 7 coaches albums (one for each coach) and 32-2page spreads (1 spread for each girl on the team). This all need to be done by the beginning of Nov. - so I guess I need to get my butt moving.

I also have 2 -2 page LOs to do for Ursula's baby album. Can't say which ones I am doing - Does Urs KNow? - not sure, which is why I am not going to post that info (although I don't think that it much matters - she does know that we are doing the album). LOL At least I wont post for now (Maybe later).


busyizzie said...

Wow Shellie so many classes and those coaches albums. I can't wait to see your class samples and your albums.

Oh...did you check out my blog? I tagged you!

karen said...

Nope, she doesn't know!! LOL