Saturday, September 30, 2006

Well another Saturday has come and

gone and so has another three games of soccer.

Regan actually had two games this week. One was on Tuesday evening against Jamies team (they were good). We lost the game by 2 goals. The girls played hard and this game was a great learning experience for them. Two of the opposing girls actually play Club and our girls stood up to them well. Today, the 30th, they played the Dominators and tied. Regan was goalie fourth quarter and I nearly had a heart attaack when, at the end of the quarter, the biggest girl on the opposing team came at her with all she had. Regan did a great job and attacked the girl. She actually grabbed the ball mid roll and sent it back out to play. with in a few seconds, it was back (so was the girl) and Regan once again saved the day by attacking and grabbing the ball. NO GOALS were scored against Regan. YEAHHHHHHHHHH - WOOOOOHOOOOO REGAN Again they tied, and coach was happy with Regan for not letting them score.

Ahnikas team played the Blue Storm . They also did well today, however they didn't win the game. That is not a problem, we will be back strong on Wednesday (our 1st weeknight game). Tim was silly at the game, he painted the girls hair purple and then put on a purple wig to help motivate the girls. He was actually quiter today than last week. Maybe that is why the didn't win. LOL The girls are so good and really give Tim a lot during practices and games. Mylah did a great job today and Reily played really well on defense.

Kiana's team did well today against the Dolphins. We won (5-4) even though technically we don't keep score (U6 is a non-competitive division). Kiana was so excited, SHE SCORED HER FIRST GOAL!. (unfortunately it was for the other team - she didn't know we were going the other way). I had to put some money in the goal can for her goal. She was so proud of herself. These guys were also very cute today. They loved having their hair painted purple by coach and they still sit at half time and tell each other (and coach) knock, knock jokes. They are so silly and the jokes are the same from one week to the next. Tim wore his purple wig here and the girls loved it. Ryann had a great game as well and made three goals. Deborah also scored her first goal today, and it was in the right net. GO DEBORAH.

On a totally different note, all three girls are now girl scouts. Kiana is officially a Daisy, Ahnika a Brownie, & Regan is a Junior. In order to have Ahni and Kiwi on the same troop, I have also signed up as an Assit. Leader. Our troop is small (Thankfully) - only 5 girls. I figure that this way there are only two meetings every two weeks instead of three. Well have a great week all.

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